Q1.What is all about the overages list?

$14 Billion dollars
 are currently being held by the Government related to tax sales and foreclosures. These funds are up for grabs and you’re able to collect this money! For example, an ex-homeowner loses their property to foreclosure for not paying property taxes. The property sells at a foreclosure auction for more than the amount of taxes owed. The county will collect only the taxes owed and the excess funds will be held until they are claimed. YOU help the ex-homeowner recover these funds & receive a HUGE payday at the same time! It’s a WIN-WIN! 

Q2.Who need the lists ?


Anyone interested in building wealth

Beginner or experienced real estate investors

Tax deed and lien investors

Anyone wanting to work from home

Anyone with a desire to create an extremely profitable business

Q3. Are your lists with any guarantee?

A3. Yes, they are. All list are collected from county treasurer office .

Q4. What are the best skip tracing tool?

A4. TLO , BeenVerified ,Spokeo are the leading skiptracing platform .

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